Cooling Systems

What comes to your mind when it comes to cooling systems?

To better understand this question, let's first look at the definition of the word system. It is a model with sustainable interaction, connection and dependency among the parts that make up the system whole. Therefore, it is possible to guess the working principle of cooling systems based on this definition.

The cooling system consists of a cooling device and fittings that work together to clean the ambient air, balance the humidity and provide the ideal temperature.

To answer the question of how the cooling system works, it is necessary to understand which system is mentioned. However, in general, we can say that cooling systems provide the most efficient air conditioning of large and large areas.
Soğutma sistemleri çeşitleri
Types of cooling systems
Among the types of cooling systems, the most efficient and widely used ones are VRF systems and multi system air conditioners. Elements of both cooling systems are composed of the outdoor unit and the connected indoor unit and internal connection parts. Unlike individual use, these systems are preferred in shopping malls, large offices, hospitals, villas, sports and large meeting and conference halls, schools and restaurants.

What devices do cooling systems consist of?

According to the operating principle of multi system air conditioners, a single outdoor unit consists of several different indoor units. Although it can be used in independent performances, this system does not have the ability to both heat and cool in different areas at the same time. You can create a highly energy-efficient system in multi systems that provide a noiseless comfort.
VRF systems, on the other hand, are a type of cooling system with much more advanced internal elements than multi system. High-capacity outdoor units placed outside the building and indoor units connected to them provide independent temperature comfort in the desired area. VRF air conditioners can be used in the desired environment in the building and provide an economical use. If any technical intervention is required, only the relevant department can be worked on, so that there is no problem in other departments. Moreover, it can be operated in different modes such as heating and cooling at the same time.
Both cooling systems are long-lasting investments, reduce energy consumption costs and provide real comfort. However, while multi systems can be used in several different areas due to capacity, VRF systems are suitable for use in much wider areas.

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