What is Boiler Installation?

Where should the boiler not be mounted? It should not be mounted on the open balcony (if it is to be installed, the device should be taken into the closet or the pipes should be insulated), It should not be installed in corridors, It should not be installed in the apartment space, It should not be mounted on products such as stoves, It should not be installed in environments with explosive substances, It should not be installed in places where there is no wet ground (such as wood), If the boiler is hermetic, it should not be installed at a distance where the chimney will not be long. If there is an electrical socket or fuse at the bottom, it should not be installed. It should not be mounted on places that cannot interfere under, above, right or left. What Should Be Considered In Combi Boiler Installation? The thing to be aware of in this regard is to get help from the expert. Installation application should be done in accordance with the project. It should be mounted on a solid wall that deems appropriate. Since the installation is laid before the installation, a suitable assembly process should be applied to the installation. The chimney set in the boiler should be used, and flue extension or shortening applications should be made so as not to prevent the device from working in accordance with its specifications in external situations.Installation Process in Hermetic Combi Boilers; It can be installed in all flats and workplaces under 160 m2. The standard chimney set in the boiler is used. Since it takes the air flow from the outside with the help of a fan, it is usually installed in kitchens. The air flow pipe is exhausted from the window. If it will be mounted on the balcony, the air flow pipe should be adjusted to face outside. There must be a culvert in the environment. If not, you must have it. Installation Process in Chimney Boilers; In this application, it is essential to get expert help. Chimney combi boilers can only be installed in flats in buildings with a chimney outlet. The chimney must also be well drawn. If it does not pull well, the traction power should be strengthened. So the chimney must be cleaned. It can be used in apartments under 160 square meters. Since they use ambient air, the environment should not be small. There must be a culvert in the environment and the glass or window must be left open. After the installation, maintenance and chimney controls should be done continuously. Chimney must be steel. For these procedures, you need to get expert help. Installation Procedure in Condensing Boilers; It is used in large apartments. For this reason, the flat must be above 160 m2 for assembly. It can be assembled in kitchens and balconies in general … Since it is a bit large in size, it is generally mounted on the balcony. When the air flow pipe is installed in the kitchen, it should be given out from the window and should be adjusted to come out when mounted on the balcony.

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