What is Heating Installation?

With the widespread use of natural gas, heating systems have now entered every home. These are the systems that need to be paid utmost attention to provide the heating of the environment by providing the appropriate temperature in the winter months. It meets the heating need with the circulation of hot water in the cores installed in the rooms in homes and workplaces. Errors to be made while laying the heating system may cause imbalances in the temperature of the environment and cause problems such as insufficient heating or overheating.

What is Heating Installation?

One of the most widely used heating methods today is the Natural Gas method. It is a system that works in a combi boiler center and distributes heat with hot water to the heater cores in different rooms of the house or workplace. Heating installation is a system formed by the heating of the water passing through the boiler with the flame created by the burning of natural gas and going to the heating pipes and then to the cores to distribute the heat. In order to heat correctly and safely, the natural gas installation must be installed correctly, the materials used must be reliable, and most importantly, working with a reliable company is a decisive factor. Considering that serious amounts are paid for the installation of the heating system, the service received must be of high quality and reliable.

How Is Heating Installation Done?
In order to install the heating system, a preliminary discovery is made by applying to a specialist service. Technical service personnel take the measurements of the place where the heating system will be laid, determine where the heating pipes will pass and where the radiators will be placed. After all these processes are done, a combi boiler that is strong enough to produce hot water suitable for the size and temperature of the place to be heated is located at a suitable point of the house. Then, the pipes through which the water will pass are passed from the most suitable point of the house without disturbing the aesthetics, and it is provided to reach the honeycombs.
What Should We Pay Attention To While Plumbing?
There are some important issues to be considered in the construction of the heating installation. If these are not observed, either a non-heating situation or a situation of overheating may be encountered. In the face of this situation, many unnecessary costs and inconvenient renovations arise as a result of re-doing. Let's see together what we should pay attention to when installing, thanks to our engineering service and our experienced and competent masters.

Determining the flow direction of the installation pipes is one of the most important issues when installing the heating. Minimum use of elbows should be used during installation and short and less return pipes should be installed. In this way, heat losses are prevented and savings are achieved. With the exploration made by our experienced engineers, the directions of the installation pipes are determined in a way that will provide the maximum benefit, and this determined direction is described to our experienced craftsmen and the installation process begins.
Another important issue is the choice of radiator cores. The most important factor in determining the radiator cores varies according to the size of the rooms, heat losses and the use of the room. Depending on the size of the room, placing more honeycombs than necessary causes the invoice to rise as a result of overheating, and using less than necessary causes problems of not heating. Our engineers in our company choose the radiators to be used according to the conditions of the rooms at the optimum level and ensure that our customers are warmed up and do not pay much bills while they are warming up.
One of the most important issues to be considered in the construction of the heating installation is the choice of the boiler location. An area close to the bathroom or kitchen should be chosen when choosing the location of the combi. As the distance to these two sections increases, there will be unnecessary water consumption and gas consumption accordingly. In addition, the selection of the combi boiler according to the location and size of the house and the comfort conditions of the customer is made together by explaining the combi boiler types and features and prices to our customers thanks to our experienced staff.

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