General Information About Natural Gas

What is Natural Gas Installation?
Natural gas installation is the installation system applied in the building in response to the heating needs of houses and other buildings.

Natural Gas Installation Departments
Natural gas installation consists of several different parts. Natural gas installation sections:
Natural gas installation main valve
Distribution pipe
Column pipe
Meter connection line
Consumption line
Parting line
Device connecting line.
How is Natural Gas Installation Done?
Before starting the natural gas installation, the valve and pipe transition place of the area to be installed is determined.
After determining the walls where the pipes and valves will pass, the measurements of the natural gas pipes are taken.
Measured pipes are fixed with the help of a clamp. Then, the holes on the wall are covered with plaster for the pipes to pass through.
In addition, in order to prevent any damage to the main gas pipe, the assembly step should be made impacts resistant.

General Information About Natural Gas
It is a very healthy and economical fuel source when made by experts in the field of natural gas, which has been used in all living areas for many years and has become widespread in recent years.

Natural gas considered within the fossil fuels group; It is a colorless, odorless and lighter gas. Especially in recent times; This type of fuel, which is preferred in homes, workplaces and many other living areas, has become an important part of human life because it is both economical and reliable. In addition to being used in kitchen stoves, it is used for heating, hot water and industrial production. Therefore, a large part of Turkey's electricity needs are met by natural gas-fired power plants.

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